Saturday, 25 June 2011


Okay, Now, I started to blog thinking that I can write Something, Anything, Anyday.
But I was soo wrong.
Its hard, VERY HARD, To find things that can be blogged about.
So here goes some random mumblings..

Hello Sister, GoodBye Life!

Sisters are nothing but the creations of satan designed to search and destroy the older sibling.
You might think that I'm being mean or whatever, But no, Its the fact.
All those people there, wanting a sister, You have no idea about what you're upto.
My sister and I have 7 years of age difference.
So things are worse.WORSE.

You need to share everything, You need to get the scolding if she has done anything wrong, You need to make her study, You need to be AN EXAMPLE for her in everything and the list goes on.

You can share things with your sister, like your thoughts, views, if shes old enough.But my state is very pathetic.VERY.

For Example,
  That day we were watching some movie and the word 'sex' was getting repeated.That started it.She was pestering me to explain the meaning of it.What would you do if you were in my place? Will you explain it to a kid in 5th grade? I'd no other option other than simply getting away.

Example 2: Adverts these days, Sigh.The awkward look your sister gives after the 'Zatak, Very Very Sexy' Ad. :|

These are not the only ones you've to deal with.
Sooner or Later you'll realize them following your footsteps.
Not a problem if you're a good inspiration.Otherwise, FacePalmMax.

And then.Whatever you want will be wanted by your sister too.
Damn shes just 9 and has a facebook acc. :|
One thing which makes it easy for me is that, I can award her for asking the MOST ANNOYING QUESTIONS ever.

Sigh.Whatever, Life wouldn't be the same without her.
It would be a paradise! *Tries not to act Senti :P*

But, What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share? :D
At least you have someone to fight with, all the time, which is better than being alone. :P

In other news, I finished watching The Vampire Diaries season-2. :D
Plus, I'm developing a serious fascination for vampires.
Am I the only one? :-\

Btw, Did i mention that Secondhand serenade is Awesome?
Each n Every song is love. ♥

And This One, Is my Favorite. :D

On getting to the sadder part,

Everyone has got a Princess Charming.
Mine just took a wrong turning, got lost, and is too stubborn to ask for the directions. </3

Search and guide him, Will you? :P

Friday, 17 June 2011

Boredom Strikes!

Ah well.
I'm bored.Completely.
Boredom is unconditionally and irrevocably in love with me. *Sigh*
I miss school. *Sighs again*.
Well, not school exactly.But the moments, spent in school ♥
The Chit-chats, Bunking, Bullying, Eating during the class and etcetera. 

I Miss you, Adarsh, I do :(

This long wait before college is really frustrating.
Seriously college, Y U NO HAPPEN SOON?
Though i desperately want it to start, Am scared at the same time.
However its going to be, lonely or Awesome, or whatever, I'm not going to expect anything.Cos, Surprises are better than Disappointments, Right? :)

So, Till september, I've to endure this boring phase.
While finding the ways to kill boredom, My very own dude Poulomi, gave an idea about
'The Vampire Diaries'.
Though I've seen it in bits n pieces, I was sure that its going to be an obsession.  


It has developed into a very SERIOUS obsession.Yeah, I can see it even in my dreams! (No, Really).
And TVD wouldn't have been the same, without Ian Somerhalder.

Damon Salvatore, The Man with the sexiest Smirk

Gosh, My Seksy Man <3

Waiting for the 3rd season to hit the tele this September.
This is another reason why i want september to come soon. :P
Oh Wait, Plus my Birthday too! :D

Have any other idea for killing time?
Do let me know :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Road Not Taken.

A mission with a positive outcome and some cool shit along the way. ADVENTURE!
This post is about one of my missions with some scary shit moments, along the way. 

It was a cool, breezy afternoon.
Since it was the last day of our trip, we were making sure whether we'd visited all the places.
The guide offered an idea about a place, usually used as a shooting spot for movies, and showed us some snaps of it.It was a beautiful place.It was a restricted area though, for public, since it had no proper path, more like a forest.
The idea was kind of interesting.
After getting the permissions, We were all set to go.

It was a lonely road, where only one four-wheeler can move comfortably.Dense forest, on both the sides.The trees sprang above and appeared like shielding the road.It was cool; Very cool.And the road grew darker and darker as we proceeded.Had we found a tiger pouncing from the side or an elephant blocking our path, wouldn't have been a surprise.After a while, we reached a point where we could see the clouds, light, at last.

The driver, on his part, was narrating some of his encounters with wild animals.Show off, duh.
After many hours of drive, we reached a place.There was a small building.It was fenced and there was an excavation around it.It was set in such a way that no wild animal can attack the building.The forest guard lives there, alone, it seems.Spooky.
We climbed up a little over the mountain, and finally reached the spot.
It was a Breath-Taking View.
We were surrounded by huge mountains.The air slapped our faces.A Slight drizzle.
Nature, Wow.

We began to depart after a while.The driver said that the path wouldn't be the same then.Puzzled, We were set to return.'Twas an uphill drive.The road didn't seem the same way as it had, before.It was rough, uneven, dry.There was no road at all.Just a path of stones.

It lasted a few kms.And finally, it ended.Before heaving a sigh of relief, we heard a honk.The driver looked frustrated.Since it was a narrow road, there was no way that two vehicles can move simultaneously.We got down and walked a few steps, only to find a halted bus.There was a break-down.Absolute OMGWTF moment.It was college bus.They had no permissions.They said it would be alright soon.Only if the bus moves backwards, we can move forward, and cross over it where the road is wide enough.

Time was passing on a snail pace.It was 5pm.There was an absolute silence.The Darkness began to stir my fear.
I was surviving for 4 hours with one bottle of Pepsi (Read: Sugar Water).Hence, the hunger.
I was left with nothing except the curses for the bus-driver.
The guide began to tell the Dos and Donts in case if he had to encounter a wild animal, which sent chills down my spine.

(Imagine something similar to this)

My imaginations were on loose, "What if a tiger attacks me? What am i gonna do if the bus gets stranded all night? What if i die of starvation? What if...." 
Mobile had no signal.So my thought of having a last conversation with friend went in vain.I turned back, walked a few steps and stared at the empty road.The noise of the insects.Sound of air through the trees.Goosebumps.

Finally after hours (8pm, that was), There were erratic murmurs.
I could sense the sigh of relief in air.
It was all finally over.

It was still spooky to drive through that lonely, deserted road.
The image of it will stay in my mind, forever, haunting.

Though we couldn't get a glimpse of any animal, It was a memorable day indeed :)

had any similar incidences? Do let me know :D

Sunday, 12 June 2011

I Can Haz A Blog Too :D

So here I am, giving an additional strength to my internet addiction.
I love reading others' blog.Never thought that i would have one.
But, seems like a good way to kill time :P
Plus I'm good at rambling. :D
Well, Inspiration has its part too.
So I'm gonna share some crazy, stupid, and Wow incidences which has happened to me.
Keep an eye.
Tada. :D