Saturday, 25 June 2011


Okay, Now, I started to blog thinking that I can write Something, Anything, Anyday.
But I was soo wrong.
Its hard, VERY HARD, To find things that can be blogged about.
So here goes some random mumblings..

Hello Sister, GoodBye Life!

Sisters are nothing but the creations of satan designed to search and destroy the older sibling.
You might think that I'm being mean or whatever, But no, Its the fact.
All those people there, wanting a sister, You have no idea about what you're upto.
My sister and I have 7 years of age difference.
So things are worse.WORSE.

You need to share everything, You need to get the scolding if she has done anything wrong, You need to make her study, You need to be AN EXAMPLE for her in everything and the list goes on.

You can share things with your sister, like your thoughts, views, if shes old enough.But my state is very pathetic.VERY.

For Example,
  That day we were watching some movie and the word 'sex' was getting repeated.That started it.She was pestering me to explain the meaning of it.What would you do if you were in my place? Will you explain it to a kid in 5th grade? I'd no other option other than simply getting away.

Example 2: Adverts these days, Sigh.The awkward look your sister gives after the 'Zatak, Very Very Sexy' Ad. :|

These are not the only ones you've to deal with.
Sooner or Later you'll realize them following your footsteps.
Not a problem if you're a good inspiration.Otherwise, FacePalmMax.

And then.Whatever you want will be wanted by your sister too.
Damn shes just 9 and has a facebook acc. :|
One thing which makes it easy for me is that, I can award her for asking the MOST ANNOYING QUESTIONS ever.

Sigh.Whatever, Life wouldn't be the same without her.
It would be a paradise! *Tries not to act Senti :P*

But, What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share? :D
At least you have someone to fight with, all the time, which is better than being alone. :P

In other news, I finished watching The Vampire Diaries season-2. :D
Plus, I'm developing a serious fascination for vampires.
Am I the only one? :-\

Btw, Did i mention that Secondhand serenade is Awesome?
Each n Every song is love. ♥

And This One, Is my Favorite. :D

On getting to the sadder part,

Everyone has got a Princess Charming.
Mine just took a wrong turning, got lost, and is too stubborn to ask for the directions. </3

Search and guide him, Will you? :P


  1. Sisters are a pain. True that. I have THREE elder sisters. Can you beat that? Sigh.
    I'm on my way to complete the second season. I'm with you. Vampire addicted. :D
    Keep posting. :)

  2. Whoa.
    So you're the youngest? Means you'll be the favorite of the family. :P

    And yay! We'll make ze awesome clan :D
    Thanks for Reading Momo ♥

  3. 1. Awesome layout. Loved it.
    2. Sisters arent creation of satan. They are satan themselves.

    Nice one. Loved it.

  4. Exactly.Thank you! :D

    Loved your blog too :)

  5. Thanks alot.
    You have quick service. :p

  6. And all my life, after dealing with a satanic younger bro, I thought that a sister would have been a better option!

  7. @Nia :D
    @Ananya Haha.You never know.I guess having Brothers is awesome.
    Well, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" :)

  8. OMG! I can totally relate. My sister's 8 years younger to me! :O

    Very annoying, indeed. :|
    Oh, funny story. The other day, my sister sees the word 'sex' somewhere, and goes like, 'Sex?! Eck', and runs away! So random.

    Guess that saves me some trouble, though. ;)

    Love your blog, btw. Keep posting. :)

  9. Sigh.I'm not the only one :P
    Glad to see you, another screwed-up-elder sister! :P

    Your blog is AWESOME, Btw!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. I wish i had a sister!! nut am stuck with a brother!! Do follow me at

  11. yeah , blogging is not easy. And I have been in similar dilemma when who don't know how to react to a situation.

    Weakest LInk:)