Saturday, 13 August 2011

If the dead can't rest in peace, How on Earth can the living?

I'm one of those people, that love horror movies/stories and get shit scared thinking about'em when left alone.
Some people say that ghosts do exist.

Idk whether its true or not but I don't believe in it.Maybe cos that makes me little less scared about it.
Intelligent, no? :P
Talking about paranormal stuffs, Theres this one scene from the movie 'Paranormal Activity' which never fails to scare the shit out of me.
That scene when Kate sits near the bed and rocks forwards and backwards..


Personally, I've not had any of those spooky stuffs even though I'd been home alone most of the time. *Touch Wood*
And there are so many folklores and interesting games about spirits, which I'd never try even if I'm out of my freaking mind :)
Here's one of the popular stories. 


Also, They say that the 'Spirit of the coin' game works.
Try and do let me know, Pliss? :P

Got any paranormal experiences? Share with mee!  

P.S- I'd have turned back atleast 5 times before finishing this post.You know, There's a myth that whenever we talk about ghosts, One will be always listening (Or reading, As my case :P) to it.Don't worry, There will be one at your back too! xD

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Blog is not dead, Actually...

I've always wondered how life would be, after school.
People generally used to say, that College days are the best part of life, Make the most out of it and so many exciting things.
I was excited too.
The very thought about entering college gave me an unexplainable freaking excitement.

New Friends, New Crushes, New Atmosphere, New teachers, New Crushes.. (Nothing wrong in repeating good things, is it? :P)

And there, I got the course which I'd wanted.
That Joy after achieving something you've been aiming for a long time! 
Yes that!
After the longg wait, I finally joined college.
Since I was the last candidate to join after one freaking month, I was treated like a newbie.
Everyone staring at me like I'm from a different galaxy, Asking my stupid name, reasons why I joined late and blahs.
Being silent when I used to speak 1000 words, Being seated at a single place when I used to roam around like a gangster, Smiling when I used to laugh my ass off, Speaking when I used to shout real loud...

Yeah, Being Introverted SUCKS at times.

Of course, There are some people who are sweet enough to come, talk and make you feel nice.
I miss my Best Friend.
Our Lame Jokes..
Our hilarious, long, pointless, useless, chats..
Our Cat-Fights..

How I miss it! *sulks unlimited*

The only thing which is making me so excited about college is ze hot Crushes.
Oh Man. *blush* :P

That Strange Behavior When your crush is around..
Sigh, Its a wonderful feeling. 
*Dramatic Expressions* :P

Also, This crush thing is seriously great, No, I mean, It gave me a lot of friends.
Calling your friend's name loud when his/her crush passes by..
Teasing 'em..
Matching their surnames with your first name just to know how it sounds..  xD

Dear Crush, Thanks for being there when I ran out of topics to talk. :D
Things do change when time passes by.
And Yeah, A Good Bunch of friends is not bad at all.

And, My Life is Pure Bliss <3

So much to say, But so little time.
Sorry for not updating for so long.You would've known by now, the reason, for me being busy these days, Don't you? ;)

P.S-I'll be regular from now on. Okay? :D