Saturday, 13 August 2011

If the dead can't rest in peace, How on Earth can the living?

I'm one of those people, that love horror movies/stories and get shit scared thinking about'em when left alone.
Some people say that ghosts do exist.

Idk whether its true or not but I don't believe in it.Maybe cos that makes me little less scared about it.
Intelligent, no? :P
Talking about paranormal stuffs, Theres this one scene from the movie 'Paranormal Activity' which never fails to scare the shit out of me.
That scene when Kate sits near the bed and rocks forwards and backwards..


Personally, I've not had any of those spooky stuffs even though I'd been home alone most of the time. *Touch Wood*
And there are so many folklores and interesting games about spirits, which I'd never try even if I'm out of my freaking mind :)
Here's one of the popular stories. 


Also, They say that the 'Spirit of the coin' game works.
Try and do let me know, Pliss? :P

Got any paranormal experiences? Share with mee!  

P.S- I'd have turned back atleast 5 times before finishing this post.You know, There's a myth that whenever we talk about ghosts, One will be always listening (Or reading, As my case :P) to it.Don't worry, There will be one at your back too! xD